Impact Curb Mount Glass Skylight


Select the Impact Curb Mount Glass Skylight, suitable for use on any type of roof with a raised curb. The ICMG includes a 3rd level of protection incorporating a high impact polycarbonate layer. This additional protection also adds insulation value.

  • Extruded aluminum alloy frame
  • Argon filled double insulated glass
  • Use on any roof of type
  • Requires self-built curb with flashing.
Self-built curb alternatives:
  • LS-Labor Saver Curb, a specialty product for making easy installation on any roof type except metal.

10 Year Limited Warranty

Impact Curb Mount Glass Skylight

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ICMG Installation Instructions

Miami Dade Approval #15-0513.09

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Impact Curb Mount Glass Skylight 

Available Options:

  • Custom Sizes
  • All Glass Options

Available Frame Colors: